CL inputs

Currently, the model supports apparent clearance and intrinsic clearances as the input. Clearance is computed using the following equation,9

CLhep= Qhv ⨯ fub ⨯ CLint/ (Qhv + fub ⨯ CLint)[ 5 ]

where CLhep is the hepatic clearance, Qhv is the total blood flow through the liver, fup is the unbound fraction in blood and CLint is the apparent clearance or the sum of intrinsic clearances.

⋇ Apparent

Please enter the appropriate value and select the appropriate units in the provided following boxes. If the value of F is known, please input the value to compute the appropriate apparent clearance. An optional input to enter a scalar which changes the apparent clearance by the respective factor is also provided (as 'Clearance scalar') in the 'Optional inputs' tab.

⋇ Intrinsic

Intrinsic inputs

The model currently allows the user to select upto two metabolising enzymes (either CYPs or UGTs). Please select the drug metabolising enzymes and the appropriate values and units in the provided options.