Dist inputs

The tissue-to-plasma (TP) ratios are computed using drug physicochemical parameters mainly log P, pKa, protein binding, blood-to-plasma ratio and other parameters such as tissue/organ neutral and acidic phospholipid content, hematopoietic content etc. There are various methods in the literature to compute the TP ratios and only two methods are currently available in this model - Rodgers & Rowland 5,6and Poulin and Theil. 7
The user is provided with the option to choose a volume of distribution method. An optional input to enter a scalar value is provided under 'Optional inputs tab named 'Distribution scalar'. This scalar would change all the predicted TP ratios by the entered scalar value. By default the factor is 1 meaning that it is not scaled. The volume of distribution in the simulated output table is reported in L/kg.