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Dosing inputs

Dose inputs

✶ Sex

An option to select the sex of the simulated individual is provided. Default selected individual is Both. If Both is selected, and population (can be chosen from 'Optional inputs' tab) is 1, an average male or female by random is simulated, else the ratio of female to male is displayed for the simulated population.

✶ Dose

Dose and its units can be provided in this section. The units reflected in the plots, tables and reports can also be selected from the 'Optional inputs' tab.

✶ Dosing interval

The time interval between subsequent doses should be provided here. If it is a single dose, please provide zero as the value. The units of time should be the same as 'Time units' parameter provided at the end of this tab.

✶ Repeats

The number of subsequent doses should be entered here. Only an integer should be entered here.

✶ End time

The end time of the dose is computed automatically using the inputs from dosing interval and dose repeats. This field cannot be edited by the user.

✶ Simulation time

The simulation time irrespective of the end time can be provided here. If the simulation time is less than end time, the simulation time will accommodate the value of end time.

✶ Time units

The units of time to display in plots and tables can be chosen by the user here.