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Download data

Download data

The raw simulated data subsequent to simulation can be downloaded by the user for future reference. The simulated data has been divided into three different files:

  1. Input Parameters: All the parameters selected by the user for simulation are recorded in this as an excel (.xlsx) file. This file can also be directly uploaded using the 'Upload parameters' feature in the future.
  2. Computed parameters: All the model parameters as a comma separated (.csv) file computed by the model such as individual characteristics, organ weights and volumes, blood flow rates between organs and tissues, transit rates, tissue to plasma ratios etc. for each run or individual are reported in this file.
  3. Simulated PK data: Raw data of plasma concentration (with 5th and 95thpercentile), concentrations of all the organ and tissues vs. time as a comma separated (.csv) file are recorded in this file.

Tip: A comma separated (.csv) file can be converted to a tabular format using Microsoft Excel. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Right click on the downloaded .csv file and open it using Microsoft Excel
  2. In the excel sheet, select the entire data set that you want to see in tabular format. It can be done using either the mouse or using shortcut keys on keyboard - after selecting the first cell of the dataset, press Ctrl (on Windows)/Cmd (on Mac) + Shift + down arrow + right arrow or using Ctrl/Cmd + A.
  3. After selecting the entire dataset, click on Data tab on the Ribbon
  4. Then, click on Text to columns button on the Data tab
  5. On clicking this, a pop up window appears. Select Delimited from the two options and click on Next
  6. In the following menu, under 'Delimiters' unselect all the options and select only Comma
  7. Click on Finish. The data should now appear in tabular format.