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Upload data

Upload data

The model has optional feature to compare the simulated data with any observed data using this option. There are two buttons provided:

  1. Browse...: On clicking the 'Browse...' button, a pop up appears to upload a file containing the observed data. Users can upload a single excel(.xls or .xlsx) file or comma separated (.csv) file or a text (.txt) file in a similar format as the excel file template (as described below) with time and concentration as adjacent columns separated by commas.
    Concentration column name: The column name given for concentration column is reflected in the plots.
    Please note: If the observed data is not in the appropriate format, no observed data is shown in the plots following simulation.
  2. Download template: On clicking the button with the download icon , a pop up appears for the user to download an excel (.xlsx) file template which contains example data of observed time and plasma concentration. The users can use this file to replace with their own data.

The following options appear when an observed dataset is uploaded to compare the same with the simulated data computed using the PBPK model.

  1. File name: The file name of the uploaded dataset is displayed along with the file extension. Please make sure only excel(.xls or .xlsx) or comma separated (.csv) or a text (.txt) file is uploaded.
  2. Remove file: An option to remove the uploaded file is provided. If checked, the uploaded file is removed subsequent to a simulation.
  3. Units: Details of the units of the uploaded data can be selected from the provided selections for time and concentration respectively.